Water Resources Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Research Profile


Urban Hydrology & Hydraulics


  • Drainage Systems  
  • Snowmelt 
  • Ecological Systems  
  • Beneficial Use of Stormwater 
  • Water Harvesting 
  • Water Supply Protection 
  • Flotation 


Researchers involved are Professor Lars Bengtsson, Drs  Lennart JönssonLinus Zhang, Peder Hjorth and PhD students Johanna Sörensen (Sweden) and Dadi Thorsteinsson (Iceland). Research is carried out in close co-operation with Lanzhou Railway University China ; ACSAD, Damascus, Syria ; St Joseph University , Beirut , Lebanon ; Malmö City (Sweden) ; Luleå Tech. Univ.; Guelph Univ. , Ontario ; Norway Tech. and Natural Univ. , Trondheim and Dept. Irrigation and Drainage (DID), Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia. The department is engaged in the MISTRA Urban Water Program.

Surface Hydrology & Runoff


  • Drainage & Wetlands 
  • River Management 
  • Rainfall-Runoff Modeling  
  • Sediment Transport 
  • Flood Protection 
  • Snowmelt  


Researchers involved are Professors Lars Bengtsson and Ronny Berndtsson, Drs Rolf LarssonLinus Zhang and doctoral student Feifei Yuan. Rickard Lidén and Zhi-Qiang Deng presented their theses earlier. --  Research is carried out in close co-operation with Finnish Environm. Assoc., Helsinki, Finland; Agricultural Univ., Kaunas, Lithuania; Inst. of Agronomy and Veterinary Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco; INRGREF, Tunis, Tunisia; Kish Free University, Iran; Dept. of Environm. Engineering, Academy of Sci, Ukraine; Kyshu Univ., Japan; the Danish Land Development Service, Roskilde, Denmark; Danish Tech. Univ.; the Planning and Design Inst. of Water Resources, Beijing, China; Louisiana State Univ., Baton Rouge, USA; CCIW, Burlington, Ontario, Canada; Iceland University, Reykavik; Moscow Univ., Russia; Inst. Numerical Mathematics, Russian Acad. Sci., Moscow and Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, SMHI, Norrköping.

Physical Limnology


  • Thermal Regime of Lakes 
  • Ice Covered Lakes 
  • Mixer Induced Circulation  
  • Remote Sensing 
  • Paleolimnology   




Researchers involved are Professors Lars Bengtsson and Magnus Larson, Drs Lennart Jönsson and Rolf Larsson.  Chuqun Chen from China presented his Phd thesis in 2008. Research is carried out in close co-operation with CCIW, Burlington, Ontario, Canada; the Inst. Limnology, St Petersburg and the Karelian Inst., Petrozavodsk, Russia; the  National Inst. Hydrology, Roorkee, India; the Tech. Univ., Kaunas; Lithuania; Inst. Zoology and Botany, Tarttu Univ., Estonian; Pirkanmea Regional Environm. Center, Helsinki, Finland ; Swiss Federal Inst of Environm. Science and Tech., EAWAG, Dubendorf, Switzerland and VITUKI, Budapest.

Coastal Engineering


  • Sediment Transport 
  • Wave Generation & Propagation 
  • Beach Evolution  
  • Coastal Protection 
  • Ship Generated Waves & Erosion


Link to SENCORE - Network about Coastal Processes  


Researchers involved are Professors Hans Hanson and Magnus Larson  and PhD Students Sofia Westergren (Sweden) and  Jaime Palalane (Moçambique). Nam  Pham Thanh (Vietnam) and Hoan le Xuan (Vietnam), both presented their PhD theses in 2010. Ty Wamsley (USA) and Chantal Donnelly (Australia) presented their Ph.D theses in 2009 and 2008. Li Eriksson (USA) presented her thesis in 2005. Research is carried out in close co-operation with the US Army Corps Engineers, Vicksburg, USA; Tech. Univ., Braunschweig, Germany; Tokyo Univ., Japan and South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. In addition, the Coastal Engineering group is involved in major EU projects.

Atmospheric Hydrology


  • Rainfall Distribution 
  • Storm Dynamics 
  • Climate Variability  
  • Ocean-Atmosphere-Hydrology Interaction 
  • Fractal Processes  



Researchers involved are Professors Ronny Berndtsson , Cintia Uvo and doctoral student Kean FosterFabio Pereira (Brazil) presented his Ph.D. thesis 2013. Jona Finndis Jonsdottir (Iceland) and Aman Kalteh (Iran) presented their Ph.D. theses in 2007. -- Research is carried out in close co-operation with Kyushu Univ., Japan ; the National Space Research Inst.; Int. Research Inst. for Climate Prediction, Lamont Doherty, USA ; Scripps Inst. of Oceanography N.Y., USA ; Astronomic and Geophysical Inst., Sao Paulo Univ., Brazil ; the Planning and Design Inst. of Water Resources, Beijing, China.

Solute Transport in Soils


  • Solute Transport & Geochemical Variability 
  • Moisture Distribution in Heterogenous Soils 
  • Waste Water Irrigation  
  • Soil Pollution Investigation  


Researchers involved are Professor Ronny Berndtsson, Drs Linus Zhang and Magnus PerssonFethi Bouksila (Tunisia) and Sihem Jebari (Tunisia) presented their PhD. theses, respectively, 2011 and 2009. Research is carried out in close co-operation with Lanzhou Railway University, China ; Kyushu Univ. Japan and the Rural Engineering Research Centre, Tunisia.

Waste Management & Landfills


  • Water Transport in Landfills 
  • Emissions & Environmental Impacts of Old & New Landfills 
  • Waste & Energy with Emphasis on Incineration Technique
  • Landfill in Arid and Semi Arid Areas  

Waste Research Info 


Researchers involved are Professors Lars BengtssonKenneth M. Persson. Aamir Ilyas (Pakistan), and Mohammad Aljaradin (Jordan), both successfully defended their PhD theses 2013. Hanna Modin presented her PhD thesis in 2012. Martijn van Praagh presented his PhD thesis in 2007. Research is carried out in co-operation with the Department of Ecotoxicology, Lund, Sweden, Technische Universität Hamburg- Harburg, Germany and  Ensil, University of Limoges, France.

Desalination & Water Reuse


  • Desalination Technology 
  • Brine Discharge Modelling 
  • Water Reuse
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Near & Far Field Mixing Evolution
  • Salinity Study in the Recipients

Researchers involved are Professors Kenneth M. PerssonMagnus Larson and doctoral students  Lena Flyborg (Sweden), Angelica Lidén (Sweden). Shuang Liu (China) presented her Ph.D. thesis in 2014. Raed Alshaaer (Palestine) successfully defended his Phd thesis in 2011.


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