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Upcoming Research Applications


 Utlysning inom utvecklingsforskning 2018 27 mars: Forskning om Hållbarhet och Resiliens

Upcoming Research Calls

- Lars-Erik Lundbergs Research Foundation is announcing personal scholarships for young
research students. They give out about 10 scholarships of about SEK200,000. Deadline 10
February. More info at

- Å-forsk. Travel grants 2017 period 1: Application ends February 1, 2017. Travel grants
2017 period 2: Application ends September 29, 2017. Research grants: Application period
ends March 1, 2017. More info at

- Mobility Exchange with Iran: LU will seek Erasmus + International Credit Mobility (ICM)
financing with Iran (University of Tehran and Tehran University of Art). If you are interested
to receive / send students or scholars to Iran please contact me. I need to know the number,
level, length and subject areas. I need your response ASAP as the application needs to be
submitted by Friday 27/1


VR (Swedish Research Council)

General call: April 9 (Natural and Engineering Sciences)

International postdocs: February 25

UFORSK: April 2 (research in developing countries)

Swedish Research Links: April 2 (cooperation with selected countries)



General call: April 2

Bonus: March 17 (research about the Baltic Sea)


Crafoord foundation

                      February 6


Åke and Greta Lisshed Foundation

                      April 10


Magnus Larson has more info