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Here You will find information about Students degree projects

Lista - Pris till bästa examensarbete. Awards for best degree project.

Here is a list of awards & grants that can be applied for. (In Swedish only)


Send email to Görel Svensson with information on author(s), title, supervisor and examiner to get a serial number for your project.
Publication of your project in LUP Student Papers is mandatory.

N.B. !!! To get your exam, your project must be publicized.
Also give your supervisor a copy of your work on a CD/DVD/Flash memory including all data files.

To make a room reservation book here or contact your supervisor or examiner.
For booking of projector contact your supervisor, examiner.
Projectors can be found in corridor, ask your supervisor. 

Here You will find information about Students degree projects

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In the project paper the student should display an ability to apply and compile knowledge and skills acquired on various central and qualified courses of the relevant educational programme. Through the project the student should demonstrate an ability to identify, analyse and solve a technical or scientific problem and evaluate the solution, and to present and document the result. The project should be an in-depth study of a topic, showing that the student can apply the methods of science and engineering.

The paper should be the result of independent work, carried out individually or in a group of two. If the paper is produced jointly there should be a clear statement of who contributed what. The paper should be written on one of the topics stated in the study programme syllabus unless the education committee permits an exception in individual cases.

A pass on the project is compulsory if a student it to obtain a degree in engineering.


The work on the project includes:

• A written report in Swedish or English with a summary in English
• A separate summary which may be popular in character or take the form of a scientific article
• A presentation at a public seminar at LTH
• Acting as opponent at a seminar where another student’s paper is presented

All of the above points must be approved if the project is to receive a pass grade.

The report should be available in a version for examination at least one week before the seminar. The department takes responsibility for producing the required number of copies of the report. It is desirable but not compulsory that the report should be scrutinized by another project candidate at the seminar. The same report can be scrutinized by more than one candidate. The seminar may be scheduled outside term time if the student, supervisor and examiner are in agreement.

The report is public and no part of it may be kept confidential. The examiner may not take into account any confidential information when assessing the report. The department must file the report.


For each project topic the head of department appoints one or more teachers with research training at Lund University as examiner. This means, among other things, that the project is to be examined at Lund University even in the case of exchange students. The examiner decides the grade to be awarded to the paper. Before work on the project begins, the examiner must approve the choice of topic and appoint a supervisor to provide the candidate with continuous supervision. The aim of the supervision includes making it possible to complete the project within 20 weeks of full-time study. The student cannot expect supervision for more than 15 months. The examiner may appoint as supervisor anyone deemed suitable.

The supervisor need not be a teacher at LTH. No one may act as examiner on a paper which he or she has supervised.

The grades awarded are either pass or fail.


Please contact your supervisor for a possible workplace.


Handbook About Plagiarism from KTH


The degree project is worth 30 hp (higher education credits).


Work on the project may begin when the student has at least 140 credits which may count towards the degree. Dispensation from this can only be granted by the education committee and only if there are special grounds.

To be allowed to start work on the project the student should also have acquired sufficient knowledge in the subject field of the project. It is up to the examiner to determine whether this requirement has been met before the work begins.

Candidates should register for the project at the student office before starting work on it. The student office should check that the requirement for commencing the work have been fulfilled.

LADOK code for Degree Project in Water Resources Engineering:  VVRM05

Responsible for LADOK issues is Carina Littrén


Designations for the courses to which this syllabus applies are stated separately.
The same applies to details of coming into effect and transitional rules. 


All projects at TVRL have the following  ISSN number: ISSN-1101-9824

Theses are numbered in this format: TVVR yy/500n

Where y is the publishing year and n is the serial number.

In order to get a serial no.send an email to Carina Littrén containing:

  1. Author(s)
  2. Title
  3. Supervisor
  4. Examiner

On the front page this should be written: TVVR Y/500n

See also link "Preface Template" to the left.


Format shall be B5 (See link Preface Template).

!!! ATTENTION !!! You are NOT allowed to change the margins in the template.

2 copies to Author(s)

1 copy to Supervisor

2 copies to Division (TVRL)

1 copy to Arkiv Syd (National Archive)

Normally on TVRL printing of extra copies is NOT done, unless there are special funds for your project.
Contact the janitor Stefan Jönsson (tel.2229241 mob.0709-647621).