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Upcoming Research Applications



VR (Swedish Research Council), April 11 - Natural and Engineering Sciences.

MSB. Coming in 2013 to open a few thematic calls. These will replace the previously announced open call. The first call, which is scheduled to open in the spring, will apply to fires in homes.

Formas: 1) Planning for sustainable development; deadline: 2013-01-31. 2) Nordic Top-level Research Initiative: Green growth in times of climate change, deadline 2013-03-15, 3) Baltic BONUS program, deadline: 2013-02-14, 4) annual open call; april?

Sida / SAREC: Support for Swedish research of relevance to low-and middle-income countries are transferred from Sida to VR from 2013 onwards. The exact date of when the call is not yet decided. There will not be any major changes in the conditions of the grant compared to before. Further information about the call comes in 2013.


Magnus Larson has more info