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New H2020 Project: WATERAGRI project Press Release!

"The WATERAGRI project is about researching the new frontiers in integrated water resources management of small agricultural catchments to improve both European agricultural production and the status of local ecosystems. Our consortium is committed to significantly improve agricultural water management"

Prof. Miklas Scholz, WATERAGRI Coordinator


Press Release

Engineers Perform the Water Molecule Dance


Scientists and engineers from around the world met at OsloMet, Norway, to kick-off the European Water Joint Programming Initiative-funded project “RainSolutions” and performed the Water Molecule Dance in solidarity to the United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals.


Water from the Eyes of Scientists


Water (or as defined chemically as H2O) is a simple molecule containing one oxygen and two hydrogen ions bonded together forming a 104° angle. It is essential for life. Due to the hydrophilic properties of water, it is attracted to itself. So, Water Attracts Water like humans attract humans.


Why, who, when and what?


The supply of clean drinking water on planet earth is one of the key challenges, and without any surprise, it is one of the UN sustainable development goals: “Clean Water and Sanitation”. The urgency of taking the right actions is greater than ever. While nation leaders are talking about bold actions full of promises at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York to resolve the challenges faced by humanity, at the same time, scientists around the world are discussing how to make these promises possible.


In the same spirit, engineers and researchers from ten different nations met at Oslo Metropolitan University from 24–26 September 2019 to kick-off the innovative project “RainSolutions” funded by the European Water Joint Programming Initiative to assess nature-based solutions (NBS) to sustain a clean and livable city. Lund University is the lead partner of RainSolutions, which was represented by Prof. Miklas Scholz.

Vattenpris till Johanna Sörensen TVRL

Föreningen Vatten har delat ut New Generation-priset till Johanna Sörensen. Priset skall delas ut till en yngre person eller grupp av personer, verksamma i Sverige, som genom hög kompetens, engagemang, initiativkraft, nytänkande och framåtanda bidrar till en sund och hållbar utveckling inom vattenområdet.


SMHI flaggar för samarbetet med TVRL. Denna gång gäller det ett examensarbete genomfört av studenterna Beatrice Nordlöf och Alexander Betsholtz. Xjobbet handlar om hydraulisk modellering i samband med översvämningar.

- Ett utmärkt exempel på gott samarbete, säger Universitetslektor Rolf Larsson från TVRL om samarbetet i projektet mellan SMHI och studenterna från Lunds Tekniska Högskola.

Lunds universitet bäst i Sverige enligt ny rankning. På plats 73 i hela världen.

Det är i QS World University Rankings 2016/17 som Lunds universitet når den fina placeringen. Tvåa bland svenska lärosäten är KTH på plats 97 och trea Uppsala universitet på plats 98.

News - Success Story

Success story from one of our Master's Students

Daniel Kibirige is a water engineer from Limpopo, South Africa. In 2011, he travelled to Europe on an Erasmus Mundus scholarship to study a Master's degree in Water Resources. Back in Johannesburg, he wants to apply these lessons and contribute to a more sustainable and ecologically-friendly water resource management system in his native South Africa.


Professor Hans Hanson was awarded a royal medal, namely "His Majesty the King's gold medal of the 5th size for meritorious efforts concerning erosion problems." The award ceremony was held in the Royal Castle in Stockholm in the presence of the King Carl Gustav and the Queen Silvia on 16 June.

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