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Cintia Bertacchi Uvo

Professor, PhD (Head of Division)

Research Areas

Hydro-climatology; Interaction climate-hydrology; Seasonal hydrological
forecast; Long-term hydrological variability

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Responsible for the following Courses

VVR111 - Hydrology & Aquatic Ecology

VVR001F - Linear & non-linear data analysis - Part I: One-dimensional Analysis

VVR005F - Linear & non-linear data analysis - Part II: Multivariate Analysis

Nordic Course on Climate & Hydrology


Research Projects

ModElling the Regional and Global Earth system - MERGE

HydroImpacts 2.0

A Multi-Metod System for Seasonal Hydrological Forecast

Impact of changes in the biosphere to local climate and hydrology - How biofuel plantations affect local atmospheric circulation and rivers


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