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VVRF05 - International Summer Water Resources Research School

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Coming Course: 2020 Xiamen Univ., China 


University credits: 7,5 hp Grading scale: UG Level:

Language of Instruction: The course is given in English

Course Coordinators: Linus Zhang


Prerequisites: 90 university credits awarded within MSc program in Environmental Engineering or Civil Engineering. 

Selection Criteria: Credits awarded or credited within the study program and interview.

Assessment: Participation in seminars prior and after the study period in China. Written and oral presentation of project at Xiamen University.

Further Information/Transitional Rules: Most of the course is taught outside normal semester time. 


The aim is that the students should gain proficiency to work in a cross-cultural group in a foreign environment, and get deepened knowledge about environmental and water related issues within the framework of a minor research project.

Knowledge and Understanding
For a passing grade the student must:

  • Demonstrate ability to relate his/her own experiences from the course to some model for group dynamics, 
  • Demonstrate ability to analyse an issue related to water and/or the environment on the basis of relevant scientific facts and principles, 
  • Demonstrate advanced scientific and/or engineering knowledge gained within the context of a minor research project. 

Skills and Abilities
For a passing grade the student must:

  • Demonstrate ability to, within a project group, be able to identify, formulate and solve a problem and complete a project within a given time frame, 
  • Demonstrate ability to orally and in writing present and discuss information, problems and solutions in dialogue with multicultural groups. 

Values and Attitudes
For a passing grade the student must:

  • Demonstrate ability to make judgments considering scientific, social and ethical aspects in the context of a given project, 
  • Demonstrate understanding of the role of knowledge in society and the responsibility associated with its use.



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