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Nordic course on climate and hydrology

A joint graduate course developed by six universities and seven departments in four Nordic countries and Brazil.


Course Information

Course Outline:

The “Nordic course on climate and hydrology” aims to integrate knowledge of the effects of climate on different aspects of hydrology of the Nordic areas.

It consists of three independent modules: “Climate”, “Hydrology, and “Climate-Hydrology Interactions”. The first two modules are aimed at students with different backgrounds. The Climate module for students with background in hydrology and the Hydrology one to those with background in climatology. These are followed by the third module taken by all students.

The course is provided partly by teaching at a distance and partly by direct contact with students. The theoretical parts of the course will be given by means of the internet. Subsequently, students will gather in meetings.
Detailed information can be found at :   Description of Activity

Target Group: Doctoral students with hydrological, meteorological or climatological background that are interested on studying processes related to the interaction between climate and hydrology.

Credits: 5 hp each module.

No. of students: Max 20.
10 students with meeting trip expenses supported by the course (ticket and hotel)
10 student with own financing.
For participants from the Baltic countries it is required joint funding of at least 30%

Advanced Hydrology – for students with background in hydrology.
- Advanced Climatology – for students with background in climatology.
 - Basic Statistics – for all.

Assessment: Essay, Peer Reviewing and Oral Presentation

Schedule: (not final)
- September 1 2009: Start of the C & H Modules.
- Week 43 2009: Meeting in Oslo visits to NVE & DNMI - End of the C & H modules.
- November 1 2009: Start of the CH module.
- Week 4 2010: Meeting in Norrköping. Visit to SMHI. End of the CH module.

Students can register at any of the participating institutions.
Fill in this Application Form  and email it to the course coordinator or the instructor at your institution (see People below).
Deadline : 2009-08-17

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Other: Text generated by students will be tested for plagiarism by Urkund



Coordinator & Course Instructor:
 Professor Cintia Uvo
(Water Resources Engineering, Lund University, Sweden)





Course Instructor:
 Professor Ronny Berndtsson
(Water Resources Engineering, Lund University, Sweden






Course Instructor:
 Dr. Maj-Lena Lindersson
(Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystems Analysis, Lund University, Sweden)





Course Instructor:
 Dr. Christine Aschberger
(Regional Climate Group, Göteborg University, Sweden)




Course Instructor:
 Professor Chong-yu Xu
(Dept. of GeoSciences Hydrology, Oslo University, Norway)






Course Instructor:
 Professor Björn Klöve
(Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Laboratory, University of Oulu, Finland)






Course Instructor:
 Professor Dan Rosbjerg
(Dept. of Enviromental Engineering, Technical University of Denmark)






Course Instructor:
 Dr. Robin T Clarke
(Institute for Hydraulics Research, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)






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