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VVRA01 - Hydrology and Aquatic Ecology (old VVR111)

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Important information on course literature:

There are 3 editions of the book “Hydrology for Environmental Engineers, R. Berndtsson, C.B Uvo, S. Khatami and L. Zhang”. Based on 4th edition, 5th and 6th editions contain only language corrections and improvements. There are no scientific differences between the 3 editions. Students can choose any of the 3 editions freely for this year’s course.

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Credits: 15 hp
Coordinator: Linus Zhang and Lars-Anders Hansson
Compulsory for: Environmental engineering (1st year)
No. of students: ~ 70
Prerequisites: -
Assessment: Written examination, project work
Scheduled time:Lectures - 60 hrs, Excercises - 45 hrs, Field trips/Study visits - 20 hrs


Course Literature:

    Period 1:

  • The Biology of Lakes and Ponds, Second Edition, Brönmark and L.-A. Hansson, Oxford University Press, 2005.
  • Hydrology for Environmental Engineers, R. Berndtsson, C.B Uvo, S. Khatami and L. Zhang, 6th Edition, 2017. Should be purchased from Linus Zhang.

    Period 2: 

  • Conflicting demands on wetland ecosystem services: nutrient retention, biodiversity or both, L.-A. Hansson, C. Brönmark, P. A. Nilsson and K. Åbjörnsson, Freshwater Biology, 2005, 50, 705-714.