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VVRA01 - Hydrology and Aquatic Ecology (replacing VVR111)

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This course will use a new system, CANVAS:



Credits: 15 hp
Coordinator: Linus Zhang and Lars-Anders Hansson
Compulsory for: Environmental engineering (1st year)
No. of students: ~ 70
Prerequisites: -
Assessment: Written examination, project work
Scheduled time:Lectures - 60 hrs, Excercises - 45 hrs, Field trips/Study visits - 20 hrs

Course Literature:

    Period 1:

  • Hydrology for Environmental Engineers, R. Berndtsson, C.B Uvo, S. Khatami and L. Zhang, 6th Edition, 2017. Can be purchased from Linus Zhang.


    Period 2: 

  • Conflicting demands on wetland ecosystem services: nutrient retention, biodiversity or both, L.-A. Hansson, C. Brönmark, P. A. Nilsson and K. Åbjörnsson, Freshwater Biology, 2005, 50, 705-714.