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VVRF01 - Integrated Water Resources Management: International Aspects (IWRM)

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This course will use a new system, CANVAS:



Credits: 7.5 hp 
Coordinator: Kamshat Tussupova
Target Group:

Compulsory for the Master's programme WaterLU

Optional for W3,4 and V3,4

No. of students: ~ 15-30
Prerequisites: Fundamental hydrology via VVRA05 or VVRA01
Assessment: Written examination, assignment project work
Scheduled time:Lectures - 24 hrs, Debate - 3 hrs, Project work - 168 hrs

Course Period for 2019: 1 Sep, 2019 --- 31 Oct. 2019

OverviewCourse ProgramScheduleCourse Literature
Useful Web-linksGuidelines: Project AssignmentReading GuidelinesThe Dublin Statement
Project GroupingRoadmap for IWRM

Debate Instruction Debate Wrap-up