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Doctoral & Licentiate* Program at Water Resources Engineering


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General Information

There is a special doctoral program in Water Resources Engineering.
It is run very much on a tutorial basis.
To become a Doctor of Engineering (Ph. D.) students are required to write a Thesis valued at 150 credits and complete courses worth a total of 90 credits.
The thesis should be original work of scientific level qualified for publication in peer reviewed journals.
It is possible to take a technical licentiate* degree before or instead of a doctorate by completing 60 credits of courses and writing a thesis worth 60 credits.
Almost all the graduate students have a position as a doctoral student, many come from abroad.
Compulsory courses are:
advanced hydrology, hydrodynamics and scientific methodology
The following courses have also been given since 1990:
urban hydrology,  waste management, life cycle analysis, transient flow, landfill technology, micro-biology, statistical hydrology, open channel flow, international hydrology, solute transport modeling, basic meteorology and climatology, advanced statistical methods in hydrometeorology, hydrometeorology of the Southeast Asian monsoon region.
Specialized subjects are studied on an individual basis.

There have been 72 PhD dissertations and 9 Licentiate* seminars at the division since 1973.

Guidelines for Doctoral Students and Supervisors

Guidelines for supervision of M.Sc. thesis work by Ph.D. students


English (coming soon)

Practical information on Doctoral Dissertation

Responsible for LADOK issues is Carina Littrén  

The ISSN number for all Doctoral theses is 1101-9824

The ISBN number is applied for, see this link. (Not obligatory, but highly recommended)

The Internal number is in the "1000" series, with the prefix TVVR; so TVVR 10xx. Check with Görel Svensson for the last digits.

Other Links

Decision Research Council : General Info (Swedish)

General study plan at Water Resurces Engineering: TEVVRF00 (Swedish)

You can book room with the AGENDO system, login info at internal pages.

Format of dissertations at TVRL

If you are using "Media Tryck" for printing of your thesis you have to contact them concerning the layout, including the cover. The format (size of book) that we use is G5 (169 x 239 mm). Media Tryck have templates for PC & MAC on their page you can use.


* A Licentiate degree is obtained after 2-3 years of postgraduate studies. The Swedish university degree licentiate is more advanced than Master's, but below Ph.D. The "old" licentiate however, i.e. from before 1971, is Ph.D. equivalent. Click here for more details about Swedish university titles and degrees.