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Old PhD Dissertations (Since 1973)

General Information

Total number of dissertations since 1973 is 77.
The record year is 2008 with 6 dissertations!
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Official local number is TVVR 10nn (1-thousand series)



2019 Erik Nilsson (Sweden), Patterns and Drivers of Regional Crop Production in Chad (Report 1075)

2018 Johanna Sörensen (Sweden), Urban, pluvial flooding. Blue-green infrastructure as a strategy for resilience. (Report 1074)

2018 Carla Fernandez Espinoza (Bolivia) Daphnids adaptive strategies to UV radiation (Report 1073)

2017 Alexander Keucken (Sweden), Climate Change Adaption in the Waterworks for browning Surface Waters - Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration Membrane applications for drinking water treatment (Report 1072)

2017 Clemencio Nhantumbo (Mozambique), Monitoring for Developing Countries in the Context of Mining Case Study: Zambezi River Basin in Mozambique (Report 1070)

2017 Estevao Pondja (Mozambique), Environmental aspects of coal mine drainage: a regional study of Moatize - Mozambique (Report 1069)

2016 Kamshat Tussupova (Kazakhstan), Supplying Rural Kazakhstan with Safe Water and Sanitation (Report 1068)

2016 Angelica Lidén (Sweden), Safe drinking water in a changing environment - Membrane filtration in a Swedish context (Report 1067)

2016 Jaime Palalane (Mozambique), Processes of Long-term Coastal Evolution and their Mathematical Modelling - Application to the Mozambican Coast. (Report 1065)

2015 Feifei Yuan (China), Impacts of climate change on surface hydrology in the source region of the Yellow River. (Report 1064)

2014 Hossein Hashemi (Iran), Floodwater harvesting for artificial recharge of groundwater - estimation and prediction for arid Iran. (Report 1063)

2014 Shuang Liu (China), Sustainable and safe use of Non-conventional Waters - Reclaimed Water and Desalinated Water. (Report 1062)

2013 Fabio Pereira (Brazil), The Interplay Between Atmosphere, Hydrology and Land Use by Environmental Modelling. (Report 1061)

2013 Arun Rana (India), Climate change effects on rainfall and management of urban flooding (Report 1060) 

2013 Gunnel Göransson (Sweden), Landslide of contaminated soil into rivers - Environmental impacts and risks.  (Report 1059)

2013 Mohammad Aljaradin (Jordan), Towards sustainable waste management in Jordan (Report 1058)

2013: Aamir Ilyas (Pakistan)Unsaturated Phase Environmental Processes in MSWI Bottom Ash (Report 1057)

2012: Tarek Aboulila (Egypt), Evaluation of modern irrigation techniques with brackish water. (Report 1056)

2012: Khaldoon Mourad (Syria), Marginal and Virtual Water for Sustainable Water Resources Management in Syria (Report 1055)

2012: Hanna Modin (Sweden), Modern landfill leachates – quality and treatment (Report 1054)

2011: Fethi Bouksila (Tunisia), Sustainability of irrigated agriculture under salinity pressure – A study in semiarid Tunisia (Report 1053)

2011: Raed Bashtialshaaer (Palestine)Analysis and Modelling of Desalination Brines (Report 1052)

2010: Nam Pham Thanh (Vietnam)Numerical Model of Beach Topography Evolution due to Waves and Currents (Report 1051)

2010: Hoan Le Xuan (Vietnam)Long Term Simulation of Coastal Evolution (Report 1050)

2009: Ty Wamsley (Usa)Interaction of Hurricanes and Natural Coastal Features: Implications for Storm Damage Reduction (Report 1049)

2009: Andres Calizaya (Bolivia)Water Resources management efforts for best water allocation in the lake Poopó basin. (Report 1048)

2009: Sihem Jebari (Tunisia)Water erosion modeling using fractal rainfall disaggregation - a study in semiarid Tunisia. (Report 1047)

2008: Nelson Matsinhe (Mozambique)Challenges and Opportunities for Safe Water Supply in Mozambique. (Report 1046)

2008: Charlotta Borell Lövstedt (Sweden)Hydrodynamics of very shallow lakes – A study in Lake Krankesjön, Sweden. (Report 1045) 

2008: Yasser Hamed (Egypt)Soil Salinity and Crop Yield at El-Salam Canal Area, Egypt. (Report 1044) 

2008: Chantal Donnelly (Australia)Coastal Overwash – Processes and Modelling (Report 1043)

2008: Dinis Juizo (Mozambique)Management methods for transboundary water resources systems in water stressed regions - case study: southern Africa. (Report 1042)

2008: Chuqun Chen (China)Application of satellite data for investigation of water quality in coastal areas.(Report 1041)

2007: Ramiro Pillco Zola (Bolivia)Response of Bolivian Altiplano Lakes to Seasonal and Annual Climate Variations.(Report 1040)

2007: Martijn van Praagh (Holland)On leachate emissions from municipal solid waste.(Report 1039)

2007: Jóna Finndís Jónsdóttir (Iceland)Water resources in Iceland – Impacts of climate variability and climate change. (Report 1038)

2007: Aman Mohammad Kalteh (Iran)Rainfall-Runoff Modelling: Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). (Report 1037)

2006: Maria Garcia Moreno (Bolivia)Transport of Arsenic and Heavy metals to lake Popoó - Bolivia. Natural Leakage and Anthropogenic Effects. (Report 1036) 

2006: Ali Bagheri (Iran), Sustainable Development: Implementation in Urban Water Systems. (Report 1035) 

2005: Pernilla Öhrström (Sweden)Unsaturated Solute Transport in a Semiarid Catchment: Nonlinear Analyses and Modelling. (Report 1034)

2005: Li H. Eriksson (Usa)Swash Processes and Dune Erosion: Ephasis on Vessel-Generated Waves. (Report 1033)

2005: Edgar L Villareal (Columbia)Beneficial use of stormwater. Opportunities for urban renewal and water conservation. (Report 1032)

2004: Justyna Czemiel Berndtsson (Sweden)Urban wastewater systems: From disposal to reuse. (Report 1031)

2002: Slah Nasri (Tunisia)Hydrological effects of water harvesting techniques. (Report 1030)

2002: Zhi-Qiang Deng (China)Theoretical Investigation into Longitudinal Dispersion in Natural Rivers — A Scaling Dispersion Model. (Report 1029)

2000: Rikard Lidén (Sweden)Conceptual Runoff Models for Material Transport Estimations. (Report 1028)

1999: Sten Blomgren (Sweden)Hydrographic and Morphologic Processes at Falsterbo Peninsula: Present Conditions and Future Scenarios. (Report 1027)

1999: Annette Semadeni-Davies (New Zealand)Urban Snowmelt Processes. (Report 1026)

1999: Magnus Persson (Sweden)Conceptualization of solute transport using time domain reflectometry - A combined laboratory and field study. (Report 1025)

1998: Jan Agerholm Høybye (Denmark)Uncertainty Modelling in Hydrological Applications - Error Propagation Properties of Random Linear Systems. (Report 1024)

1998: David Bendz (Sweden)Generation of Leachate and the Flow Regime in Landfills. (Report 1023)

1998: Cecilia Svensson (Sweden)Properties of heavy rainfall in an East Asian monsoon catchment - Analysis of daily rain gauge data. (Report 1022)

1998: Cintia Bertacchi Uvo (Brazil)Influence of Sea Surface Temperature on Rainfall and Runof in Northeastern South America: Analysis and Modeling. (Report 1021)

1997: Bjørn Kløve (Finland)Environmental Impact Of Peat Mining, Development of storm water treatment methods. (Report 1020)

1997: Peter Flyhammar (Sweden)Heavy metals in municipal solid waste deposits. (Report 1019)

1997: Mattias Åkesson (Sweden), Biogas generation in landfills, equilibria, rates & yields. (Report 1018)

1997: Mohamed Nor bin Mohamed Desa (Malaysia), Characterization of urban rainfall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Report 1017)

1996: Hiroshi Yasuda (Japan)Soil heterogeneity effects on water and solute transport, methodological comparison in different climates. (Report 1016)

1996: Ghosh Bobba (India)Environmental modeling of hydrological systems. (Report 1015 a&b)

1996: Jonas Olsson (Sweden), Scaling and fractal properties of rainfall. (Report 1014)

1995: Akissa Bahri (Tunisia), Environmental impacts of marginal waters and sewage sludge in Tunisia. (Report 1013)

1994: Joakim Malm (Sweden)Thermal bar dynamics. (Report 1012)

1994: Peter Dahlblom (Sweden)Contaminant migration in rock aquifers. (Report 1011)

1991: Tielin (Linus) Zhang (Sweden)A statistical approach for water movement in the unsaturated zone. (Report 1010)

1989: Ronny Berndtsson (Sweden)Spatial Hydrological Processes in a Water Resources Planning Perspective. (Report 1009)

1988: Magnus Larson (Sweden)Quantification of Beach Profile Change. (Report 1008)

1987: Hans Hanson (Sweden)GENESIS – A Generalized Shoreline Change - Numerical Model for Engineering Use. (Report 1007)

1986: William Hogland (Sweden)Rural and Urban Water Budgets - a Description and Characterization of Different Parts of the Water Budgets with Special Emphasis on Combined Sewer Overflows. (Report 1006)

1984: Janusz Niemczynowicz (Sweden)An investigation of the areal and dynamic properties of rainfall and its Influence on runoff generating processes. (Report 1005)

1980: Thomas Hellström (Sweden)Heavy Metal Transport in the Environment from a Point Source - a Case Study of a Smelter Industry. (Report 1004)

1979: Lennart de Mare (Sweden)Lokalt vattenresursutnyttjande - Ett regionalt planeringsproblem. (Report 1003)

1978: Urban Svensson (Sweden)A Mathematical Model of the Seasonal   Thermocline. (Report 1002)

1977: Peter Larsen (Sweden)On the Hydraulics of Rectangular Settling Basins - Experimental and Theoretical Studies. (Report 1001)

1976: Sten Bergström (Sweden)Development and Application of a Conceptual Runoff Model for Scandinavian Catchments. (Report Series A 52) 

1975: Peder Hjorth (Sweden)Studies on the Nature of Local Scour. (Report Series A 46)

1975: Lars Gottschalk (Sweden)Stocastic Modelling of Monthly River Runoff. (Report Series A 45)

1974: Lennart Jönsson (Sweden)Laser Velocity Meter for Water Flow.  (Report Series A 32)

1973: Lars Bengtsson (Sweden)Circulation Processes in Lakes.  (Report Series A 22)