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Årets examensarbete - Current Projects

TVVR 20/5009
Carl Edström
"Structural soils - A study of its capacity with hydraulic modelling in MIKE URBAN+"
Supervisor: Johanna Sörensen
Examiner: Rolf Larsson

TVVR 20/5008
Filip Faust, Per Nelsson
"Using X-band Radar Data with a Neutral Network to Forecast Combined Sewer Flow - A Case study in Lund"
Supervisor: Magnus Persson, Michael Butts
Examiner: Rolf Larsson

TVVR 20/5007

Hannah Berk
"Hydraulic modelling of the vulnerability for compounding high sea levels and high river discharge on the Swedish coastline"
Supervisor: Magnus Persson
Examiner: Linus Zhang

TVVR 20/5005
Elin Reinodt, Gunnar Österlund 
"Problematic wave conditions in Kivik marina - Analysis and measure proposals"
Supervisor: Magnus Larson, deputy supervisor Emanuel Schmidt
Examiner: Hans Hanson

TVVR 20/5004
Joel Häggqvist, Andreas Larsson
"Investigating the state of rural water supply in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil - a regional study on the implementation of United NAtions Sustainable Development Goal 6.1: safe and affortable drinking water for all. "
Supervisor: Kenneth M Persson 
Examiner: Magnus Persson  

TVVR 20/5003
Kenny Lay, Kristian Ångbäck
"Modelling of Water Exchange in Flommen Lagoon System in Skanör-Falsterbo, Sweden"
Supervisor: Magnus Larson
Examiner: Hans Hanson

TVVR 20/5002
Kosei Nishida
"A simulation of land slide generated waves using a fully implicit ISPH"
Supervisor: Magnus Larson
Examiner: Hans Hanson

TVVR 20/5001
Eugenia Correra Saracco, Patrick Lucas Bochnak
"Design of RCC gravity dam and FEM modelling in GeoStudio - Longtan dam"
Supervisor: Magnus Larson
Examiner: Rolf Larsson

TVVR 20/50nn
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