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Aktuella Exjobb - Current Projects

TVVR 17/5001
Janna Lindell
"Vegetationens betydelse för dynernas morfologi vid stormevent och långsiktig utveckling i Ängelholms strandskog"
Supervisors: Magnus Larson, Caroline Fredriksson , Andreas Persson (LU) och Annika Hermodsson Hyltén (Esri)
Examiner: Hans Hanson  

TVVR 17/5002
Hampus Nilsson
"A dynamic and spatially distributed rainfall runoff model - Developing a model for overland flow in GIS, based on a multiple flow direction algorithm"
Supervisors: Rolf Larsson, Andreas Persson, Gunnar Svensson (Tyréns)
Examiner: Ronny Berndtsson

TVVR 17/5003
Alexander Betsholtz, Beatrice Nordlöf
"Potentials and limitations of 1D, 2D and coupled 1D-2D flood modelling in HEC-RAS - A case study on Höje river" Link
Supervisors: Rolf Larsson, Håkan Persson (SMHI)
Examiner: Magnus Larson

TVVR 17/5004
Arlisa Febriani
"A study of Indonesian Women's Perception and Knowledge about Water"
Supervisor: Linus Zhang
Examiner: Magnus Persson

TVVR 17/5005
Keisuke Konishi
"Numerical Simulation of Saltwater Intrusion Caused by Land-Use Change and Groundwater Pumping in a Salinity-Affected Coastal Aquifer, Japan"
Supervisor: Ronny Berndtsson
Examiner: Magnus Person  

TVVR 17/5006
Camilla Ranlund
"Impacts of the Sea Dike and Reclamation Project in Isahaya Bay on Baroclinic Structure in the Ariake Sea, Japan"
Supervisor: Magnus Larson
Examiner: Hans Hanson 

TVVR 17/5007
Tetsuro Goda
"Numerical Study on Seepage-induced Failure of Caisson Type Breakwaters Using a Stabilized ISPH"
Supervisor: Magnus Larson
Examiner: Hans Hanson  

TVVR 17/5008
Erik Sönegård
"Estimating soil moisture from space - A comparison between soil moisture estimates based on satellite retrievals and the E-HYPE model under an agricultural drought scenario in France year 2011"
Supervisor: Magnus Persson
Examiner: Rolf Larsson 

TVVR 17/5009
Cajsa-Lisa Ivarsson
"High-resolution ensemble flood forecasting - Development and demonstration of a system for Höje Å"
Supervisor: Rolf Larsson (TVRL), Jonas Ohlsson (SMHI)
Examiner: Ronny Berndtsson 

TVVR 17/5010
Keren Liao
"Study on the pretreatment methods for the detection of veterinary drug residues in fishery products"
Supervisor: Linus Zhang
Examiner: Rolf Larsson 

TVVR 17/5011
Xu Ao
"The Effect of CO2 on Nitrate Assimilation and Regulation of Nitrogen Isotope Fractionating of Diatoms"
Supervisor: Linus Zhang
Examiner: Magnus Persson

TVVR 17/5012
Yicheng Wang
"Physical respond of Prorocentrum donghaiense to ocean acidification"
Supervisor: Linus Zhang
Examiner: Magnus Persson 

TVVR 17/5013
Yaqin Cai
"Simulating Effects of Sediment Resuspension on Nutrients Behavior in the Estuary"
Supervisors: Linus Zhang & Nengwang Chen
Examiner: Rolf Larsson

TVVR 17/5014
Huihui Shen
"The optimization of biological methods aiming to increase the water quality of lake Sjon Sjon"
Supervisor: Miklas Scholz
Examiner: Linus Zhang 

TVVR 17/5015
Helena Vikingson, Emil Moberg
"Tillämpning av öppna dagvattenlösningar vid ytavrinningsmodellering"
Supervisors: Rolf Larsson & Gunnar Svensson (Tyréns) 
Examiner: Linus Zhang  

TVVR 17/5016
Johan Visser
"Evaluation of seasonal inflow forecasting to support multipurpose reservoir management – A case study for the Upper Maule River Basin, Chile"
Supervisor: Magnus Persson
Examiner: Rolf Larsson 

TVVR 17/5017
Xiangyu Luan
"Evaluation the efficiency of LID Measures to Mitigate Urban Surface and Basement Flooding Problems - A case study on Gothenburg city"
Supervisors: Rolf Larsson, Shifteh Mobini 
Examiner: Magnus Persson 

TVVR 17/5018
Cecilia Lundqvist
"Investigation of groundwater resources -  A case study in north-west Tanzania using classifed remote sensing data and groundwater simulation"
Supervisor: Magnus Persson
Examiner: Rolf Larsson

TVVR 17/5019
Gülden Gorani
"Assessing the impact of urbanisation or surface runoff peak flows in Bogota"
Supervisor: Magnus Persson 
Examiner: Rolf Larsson

TVVR 17/5020
Yihan Chen
"An evalutation of using GPM satellite products to forecast flash floods in mountainous catchments"
Supervisor: Rolf Larsson
Examiner: Linus Zhang

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