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Aktuella Exjobb - Current Projects

TVVR 18/5001
Louise Selméus
"Dynamic modelling of bathing water quality with biodegradation of Escherichia coli in TELEMAC-3D"
Supervisor: Rolf Larsson
Examiner: Magnus Persson

TVVR 18/5002
Clemens Klante
"Sediment transport and bathymetric change at the Hornafjördur tidal inlet. Field data analysis and mathematical modelling"
Supervisor: Magnus Larson
Examiner: Hans Hanson  

TVVR 18/5003
Anisa Zigaf, Amanda Eriksson
"Regional Regression Models of Mean Annual Streamflow and Design Flow in a Tropical Region of Colombia"
Supervisor: Magnus Persson, Edgar Villareal González (Colombia)
Examiner: Linus Zhang 

TVVR 18/5004
Johan Mauritzon
"Analys med hydraulisk modell av metod för reducerat kapacitetsprov i sprinkleranläggningar"
Supervisor: Magnus Larson
Examiner: Rolf Larsson

TVVR 18/5005
Norihiro Ohashi
"Frequency analysis of heavy rainfall related to synoptic weather patterns in Kyushu Island, Japan by using the Self-Organizing Map (SOM)"
Supervisor: Cintia Bertacchi Uvo 
Examiner: Ronny Berndtsson

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