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International Training Programs

The division of Water Resources Engineering has long been active in research and education in Urban Water and Sanitation. It provides courses at the undergraduate level within the School of Civil Engineering program and the Environmental Engineering program, and it has its own doctoral program.

The division of Water Resources Engineering has been involved in research cooperation with developing countries since the 1970s and has offered international training programmes for some 25 years. The department provides an international environment with faculty and graduate students from countries like Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Holland, Iran, Iceland, Japan, Mozambique, Palestine, Poland, Tunisia, USA and Vietnam.

Together with Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, SMHI, Norrköping, the department is involved in a course on hydrological modeling. 

The division gives (in cooperation with SIDA) an annual 3-4 weeks course on Integrated Water Resources Management in Developing Countries. About 25 students from Asia, Africa and South-America are invited. 

International Course 2007.

International Course 2008

International Course 2009        Schedule 2009

International Course 2011 


Contacts: Ronny Berndtsson, Lars Bengtsson or Peder Hjorth


Masters Program


A new 1.5 year Master’s programme: The International Master's programme in Water Resources. (see link to the left) Start year 2003. Vision and Objectives for the students are:  they will move on to play important roles in the water sector, and that their educational experience in Lund will assist them in becoming outstanding professionals. To offer a broad programme covering the most important aspects of water resources. To elucidate the need to treat water resources in an integrated manner. To give the students an opportunity to specialize in fields where we have world leading expertise. To provide access to up-to-date knowledge and methods of high relevance. To instil in the students the importance of a scientific approach. To take advantage of the possibilities created by a multinational student group. About 25 students from all over the world are expected to participate.



Other International Training & Education programs


Other exchange agreements including Kyushu University, Univ. Japan; Wageningen, H.C. van Hall Institute, Groningen Univ., Netherlands; Karlsruhe Technical Univ., Germany, Univ. of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, Kish Free Univ., Iran and Univ. of Guelph, Canada. The agreement with the Univ. of Guelph includes teacher exchange. Undergraduates can finish their last year of civil engineering studies in most countries of the world.

The division of Water Resources Engineering takes part in The Erasmus program through the network "Hydrology and Water Management" which involves 50 European water related istitutions. Students have been studying at Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, and at University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.