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International course Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation - Integrated Processes


General Information:

One billion people lack access to safe water and two billions do not have sanitation in any form. Especially in peri-urban areas with no planning, the conditions are unhealthy. The SIDA-sponsored course Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation aims at helping engineers, middle-level decision makers and administrators and giving them means to start a change process. The overall objective of the programme is to provide the participants with understanding and knowledge about the need for integrated approaches and the organisational and institutional changes that are necessary for a sustainable provision of water supply and sanitation services in urban areas. The emphasize is on the pro-poor.


In the 2008 course there are 27 participants from 11 countries in Africa and Asia. The course runs through October in Lund. The course started for the participants already before they come by preparation of a report of the water and sanitation situation in their country, which regulations they have and to which extent these regulations are in practice. The course in Lund consists of lectures but also of preparations for a change project. This change project is then initiated at home. The course continues in Zambia in March 2009. The change project is reported in October 2009. Thus, the course extends over a full year.

Schedule 2008



Cultural Evening October 21,

Kulturkvällen på tisdag den 21 oktober kommer att ägarum i Malmö.

Bussen avgår från hotell Sparta (Tunavägen) kl 18:30. Vi kommer att bjudas på guidad visning samt fördrink och en massa god mat. Bussen går åter till hotell Sparta kl 22:30. Om ni vill bjuda med någon från insten går det bra men meddela Lars eller Andreas då.

Cultural event  Tuesday 21/10 18.30 bus leaves from Sparta.

Please inform Ronny (preferably) or Lars if you want to join (Swedes as well as doctoral students).