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Recently Funded Projects

Model-based Global Assessment of Hydrological Pressure – GlobalHydroPressure (JPI Water)

The overarching objective of GlobalHydroPressure is to provide global model-based support for assessing and quantifying the fundamental hydrological pressure in basins worldwide. A consistent and reliable estimation of this pressure is a prerequisite for assessment of vulnerability and resilience to the total, multiple environmental pressure, including both natural and human-driven components. As hydrological pressure is closely associated with extreme events (natural hazards) on different scales in space and time, a multi-scale perspective will be adopted.

A key feature of the project is the development of hydrological Decision Support Indicators (DSI:s), innovative indicators pertinent to the main hydrological pressures tailored for decision support with different time horizons.

Long-term forecast of windpower and hydropower on a fluctuating climate (The Swedish Energy Agency)

On average, renewable energy availability may be considered as sufficient, however, the safety of renewable electricity system is affected by long-term climate variations, uneven distribution of renewable energy in Europe and storage constraints. Therefore, there is a need for long-term energy utilization forecasts to support production planning, technical solutions and power regulation. Such forecast should take into account the interconnection between energy types, regional differences and storage constraints.

This project aims to improve existing models for hydrological seasonal forecasts with new spectral methods that will connect wind and hydropower production. Projects will quantify the importance of long-term forecasts in wind and hydro power for power generation planning and long-term solutions for the energy system with regard to climate-controlled variation in renewable energy. The project intends to create models that may present solutions for different time perspectives from energy production management to future energy system planning.

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