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Subsurface Hydrology


  • Water Contents Measurement Techniques
  • Irrigation Techniques
  • Water & Solute Transport Modelling in Saturated & Unsaturated Zones
  • Groundwater Contamination
  • In-situ remediation of contaminated ground water
  • Microbial processes during infiltration
  • Application of remote sensing and machine learning algorithms in groundwater studies

A large proportion of our freshwater resources are hidden under the soil surface. Our research focuses on protecting groundwater resources. Subsurface water is normally of good quality, but also vulnerable due to contamination risks. Soil moisture dynamics are important in agricultural production.

We conduct research, mainly in arid areas in China and North Africa, on irrigation techniques and soil salinization. We also study microbial activities below the surface during artificial recharge and infiltration, and monitor in situ remediation at contaminated sites where groundwater is affected. 


Contact person: Prof. Magnus Persson

Involved researchers

Prof. Magnus Persson

Prof. Ronny Berndtsson

Assoc. Prof. Catherine Paul

Assistant Prof. Hossein Hashemi

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