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List of Recent Research Output

  • Hashemi, H., Fayne, J., Lakshmi, V. and Huffman, G.J., 2020. Very high resolution, altitude-corrected, TMPA-based monthly satellite precipitation product over the CONUS. Scientific Data, 7(1), pp.1-10.
  • Kamali Maskooni, E., Hashemi, H., Berndtsson, R., Daneshkar Arasteh, P. and Kazemi, M., 2020. Impact of spatiotemporal land-use and land-cover changes on surface urban heat islands in a semiarid region using Landsat data. International Journal of Digital Earth, pp.1-21.
  • Boroughani, M., Hashemi, H., Hosseini, S.H., Pourhashemi, S. and Berndtsson, R., 2020.Desiccating Lake Urmia: A New Dust Source of Regional Importance. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters.
  • Kamali Maskooni, E., Naghibi, S.A., Hashemi, H. and Berndtsson, R., 2020. Application of Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms to Assess Groundwater Potential Using Remote Sensing-Derived Data. Remote Sensing, 12(17), p.2742.
  • Hosseini, S.H., Hashemi, H., Berndtsson, R., South, N., Aspegren, H., Larsson, R., Olsson, J., Persson, A. and Olsson, L., 2020. Evaluation of a new X-band weather radar for operational use in South Sweden. Water Science and Technology.
  • Maghsood, F.F., Hashemi, H., Hosseini, S.H. and Berndtsson, R., 2020. Ground Validation of GPM IMERG Precipitation Products over Iran. Remote Sensing, 12(1), p.48.
  • Mondal, A., Lakshmi, V. and Hashemi, H., 2018. Intercomparison of trend analysis of multisatellite monthly precipitation products and gauge measurements for river basins of India. Journal of Hydrology, 565, pp.779-790.
  • Hashemi, H., Nordin, M., Lakshmi, V., Huffman, G.J. and Knight, R., 2017. Bias correction of long-term satellite monthly precipitation product (TRMM 3B43) over the conterminous United States. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 18(9), pp.2491-2509.  
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